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Ngashi Ngongo

Africa CDC

Dr Ngashi Ngongo (Alain), PhD, MD, MPH: Ngashi is a Public Health physician with 33 years of national and international experience. He is currently the Africa CDC Chief of staff and head of the Executive Office. He is the founder of the International Centre for Health Systems Strengthening (ICHESS), USA. 

Before that, he served as Team Leader of the UNICEF Global Malaria Program, New York, USA (2010-2012), Head of UNICEF PMTCT and Pediatric HIV Care Programs, New York, USA (2003-2006); Head of the UNICEF Health System Strengthening department, New York, USA (2013-2016); Team Leader, UNICEF Ebola Health Response, Liberia (2014-2015) and DRC (2018); Head of UNICEF Child Survival and Development Program for West and Central Africa (2016-2019); Regional Polio Team Lead for West and Central Africa (2016-2019); Head of UNICEF Health and Nutrition Program in South Africa (2006-2009); Board Member, PROSAMI, Virginia, USA (2010 to date); Board Member of MMV, Switzerland (2022 to date), Observer Board Member of Gavi (2023), and Lecturer at the School of Public Health, University of Lubumbashi, DRC.