Social Media Creative Contest

The CPHIA 2023 Creative Contest invites individuals from across the continent – including photographers, videographers, painters, lyricists, poets, students pursuing science, and anyone with a passion for creativity – to participate and showcase their unique interpretation of the conference theme.

Key Details

  • Submission deadline: The deadline for submitting your entry is 23:59 hrs CAT/21:59 hrs UTC Friday, 20 October 2023.

  • Notification date: Creatives will be notified on the status of their submission by Friday, 27 October 2023.

Open Call
  • Produce an art piece showcasing your unique interpretation of the 2023 CPHIA theme, “Breaking Barriers, Repositioning Africa in Global Health,” with a focus on inclusivity in public health.
Submission Categories

Participants can choose from the following categories:

  • Photography: Capture images that showcase inclusivity and diversity in public health practices or challenges, accompanied by a short description of approximately 50 words. 
  • Visual Art: Express creativity through paintings, illustrations, or digital art that symbolizes unity and collaboration in health, accompanied by a short description of approximately 50 words. 
  • Videography: Create short documentary videos of not more than 3 minutes using TikTok/Instagram reels that highlights the importance of inclusive health initiatives in Africa.
  • Essay: Write no more than 300 words delving into your vision as a young leader, charting a course towards a healthier, more equitable, and innovative Africa.
  • Poetry: Write no more than 300 words delving into your vision as a young leader, charting a course towards a healthier, more equitable, and innovative Africa.
Submission Guidelines
  • Participants must submit original work. Plagiarism or using someone else’s work will result in disqualification.
  • For visual art or photography, please sign your work or include watermarks that make it harder for someone else to claim the work as their own.
How to Participate
  • Create your artwork based on the theme of inclusivity in public health.
  • Share your submission completion on social media using the hashtag #CPHIA2023CreativeContest. Tag @CPHIA_AfricaCDC to ensure your entry is considered.
  • All vetted winners will be featured in CPHIA 2023’s official publications, including the website and media platforms, and receive recognition certificates.
  • Top 3 winners will be provided with a fully paid scholarship to attend CPHIA 2023 in person and granted special access to conference sessions.
  • Selected winners from the 2023 contest will be invited to become official CPHIA 2024 Ambassadors.

Download the guidelines in: EnglishFrenchPortugueseSpanish

Social Media Toolkit

The content below is to help amplify information on the third International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA 2023), which will take place from 27 – 30 November 2023. 

This toolkit will be updated with additional promotional ideas and assets as the conference approaches. If you have questions or suggestions on content you’d like to feature, please email:


CPHIA 2023 handles:

CPHIA 2023 hashtags:

  • #CPHIA2023
  • #NewPublicHealthOrder
  • #BreakingBarriers
  • #RepositioningAfrica
  • #AfricanLeadership



CPHIA is back and in-person from 27 – 30 November in Lusaka! This year, #CPHIA2023 is focused on breaking barriers and repositioning Africa in the global health architecture. Don’t miss Africa’s premier health conference! Register today.

Registration is now LIVE for #CPHIA2023! Join @AfricaCDC this 27 – 30 November in #Lusaka to help build more resilient health systems and reposition Africa in the global health architecture. Register today:

Register today for one of the most important meetings of the year, #CPHIA2023. I’ll be there. Will you?

Speaker Promotion

#CPHIA2023, the leading conference on public health in Africa, is happening this year in Lusaka and will feature some of Africa’s best health experts and brightest minds. Register today to take part.

#CPHIA2023 will show how the continent is breaking down barriers in health & reaffirming Africa as generator of science, innovation, & progress. I am excited to collaborate with so many of Africa’s brightest minds. Join us to help build a healthier Africa.

Now in its third year, #CPHIA2023 continues to expand, showcasing how Africa is catalyzing innovation & scientific research to generate new knowledge & break barriers in healthcare. Join African leaders, scientists, & advocates in Lusaka this 27 – 30 Nov.

Conference Tracks

Track 1:

Tweet 1: The re-emergence of infectious diseases poses a major health threat, now and in the future. Attend #CPHIA2023 to learn more about #Africa’s plan to prevent and manage these diseases. 

Tweet 2: Africa is facing a growing threat from emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. We need to break down barriers and work together to improve epidemiology, diagnostics, and clinical management of High Consequence Infectious Diseases. 

Track 2:

Tweet 1: Join #CPHIA2023 this 27 – 30 November for a timely conversation on what it will take to increase Africa’s capacity to produce diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccine manufacturing. Learn more and register here: 

Tweet 2: Unlock Africa’s potential in the global health market at #CPHIA2023! Join us for engaging discussions on local production, R&D investment, and breaking barriers. Let’s pave the way for a healthier future. 

Track 3: 

Tweet 1: @AfricaCDC’s #NewPublicHealthOrder lays out a path for achieving the Agenda 2063 health goals through multi-sectoral collaboration. Join us at #CPHIA2023 for a series of discussions on health system strengthening and UHC in Africa. 

Tweet 2: Africa is making progress towards #UHC, but there are still significant barriers to overcome. Join us at #CPHIA2023 as we discuss how we can break these barriers and reposition Africa in the global health architecture. 

Track 4:

Tweet 1: Uplifting women in healthcare leadership is an essential building block of strengthening health systems to achieve #UHC & the #SDGs. Join the sessionWomen in Health – from Recipients to Providers to Leaders” at #CPHIA2023 this November to learn more. 

Tweet 2: It’s time we acknowledge the monumental contributions made by #WomeninHealth, as they reshape Africa’s role in the global health landscape. Join us this November as we center their vital role in achieving accessible healthcare for all. 

Track 5: 

Tweet 1: #CPHIA2023 will explore the complexities of Africa’s health security, the interconnectedness of health, climate change and multi-sectoral response mechanisms. Together, let’s strengthen Africa’s health security for a resilient future. 

Tweet 2: Addressing climate change is vital for Africa’s health. Integrated approaches that promote climate adaptation and health resilience are essential. Let’s unite at #CPHIA2023 to protect our health and planet. 

Track 6: 

Tweet 1: Digitalization is the future of public health – and #Africa stands to benefit the most from advancements. Learn more about how digital technology can support an effective public health response from outbreaks to pandemics and beyond this #CPHIA2023. 

Tweet 2: Exciting digital innovations are revolutionizing health systems in Africa, breaking barriers and delivering universal & affordable care. Learn more about how #digitaltech can support effective response from outbreaks to pandemics & beyond at #CPHIA2023. 

Track 7: 

Tweet 1: We can’t make progress in global health without thinking with a “whole-of-society” approach. Join us at #CPHIA2023 for a dynamic discussion on the power of engaging civil society, community actors, and the private sector to build resilient health systems on the continent.

Tweet 2: The key to unlocking Africa’s potential in global health lies in embracing whole-of-society engagement. Civil society, community actors, and the private sector bring unique perspectives and resources to the table. Let’s partner & create a lasting impact!

Track 8:

Tweet 1: As we recover from #COVID19, we must renew our focus and reinvest in fighting Africa’s major infectious diseases such as #HIV, #TB, #malaria, and #NTDs, which were left behind in the pandemic. Learn more at #CPHIA2023 

Tweet 2: How can countries accelerate their efforts to eliminate  #HIV, #TB, #malaria, and #NTDs? Join us at #CPHIA2023 to learn how the continent is leveraging new tools and innovative approaches to overcome existing challenges. 

Track 9: 

Tweet 1: The growing burden of #NCDs pose a threat to the health and lives of millions in Africa. How can we better treat these conditions across health systems?  Find out at #CPHIA2023 this November. 

Tweet 2: #NCDs continue to pose a significant threat to the well-being and future prospects of young individuals on the continent. How can we empower youth in the prevention, management, and advocacy of this growing burden? #CPHIA2023 got you covered!

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