Travel & Accommodation

For CPHIA 2023 bus routes and timetables, please see below. Kindly note that if you require transportation to the airport, please report to the info desk or inform your bus captains.

We look forward to welcoming you in Lusaka, Zambia, for CPHIA 2023! Please see below for information to support your travel for the conference. For further information or questions, you can email

Kindly note that visa on arrival is being provided for all CPHIA 2023 participants to enter Zambia. Delegates should indicate if they require a visa when completing registration and the necessary documentation will be shared prior to travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to travel to Zambia?

Visa on arrival is being provided for all CPHIA 2023 participants to enter Zambia. Delegates should indicate they require a visa when completing their registration. The necessary documentation will be shared with them prior to their travel.

What hotels are close to Mulungushi International Conference Center?

The list of hotels and kilometers to the Mulungushi International Conference Center can be found below.

When and how can I reserve my hotel room and learn more about payments, and find a cancellation policy?

Participants are responsible for their own hotel arrangements. Hotels that are offering a reduced rate for CPHIA 2023 are listed below. Should participants wish to take advantage of the reduced rates, reservations should be made by emailing the selected hotel directly and not online via a hotel website or alternate booking portal.

Please note that the stated rates are only available for reservations made before 21 November 2023, Reference should be CPHIA 2023.

The conference organizers are not in a position to assist participants with hotel bookings, nor can they assume responsibility for paying cancellation fees or for re-bookings and no shows.

How do I arrange for airport pick-up and drop-off?

An airport shuttle service will be provided for all conference delegates. Please send the following information to before arriving in Zambia to ensure smooth pick-up and drop-off:

  • Name of delegate
  • Flight information
  • Hotel Information
Is transport going to be provided from the hotels to the venue and back?

A list of selected pick-up and drop-off zones will be provided upon arrival. Transport will also be provided to selected hotels and lodges

Is there alternative transport?

Yes, there are Uber equivalent services – namely Ulendo-taxi and Yango apps, which are available to download on both Google Play and Apple.

Are there any meals going to be provided during the conference?

A buffet lunch will be provided each day of the conference. There will also be light snacks served during morning and afternoon tea breaks.

Do we provide dietary information?

The meals will be served as buffet and will be clearly labeled so you can choose food that meets your dietary requirements.

What is the dress code?

The conference dress code is business casual.

What is the weather in Lusaka during the conference?

Temperatures in November will be warm to hot, and cool down when it rains. November is an unpredictable month, but usually with some afternoon rain. Temperatures average between 18°C/64°F in the morning and 29°C/84°F in the afternoon.


The following hotels have offered reduced rates for the conference. To secure these rates, please email the hotels directly and mention that you are attending CPHIA 2023.

Note: the below list can be sorted by price and distance to the venue.

Name of Enterprise Rates Distance from MICC (km) Contact Email
ACAMM'S LODGE $339.00 2.2 (+260) 979 569 757
ROCK APARTMENT $225.00 16 (+260)979 758 119
ROCK APARTMENT $175.00 16 (+260)955 448 119
LILAYI BOUTIQUE RESORT $150.00 22 (+260)777949730
ROCK APARTMENT $125.00 16 (+260)953 775 534
FALLSWAY APARTMENTS $120.00 4.6 (+260)974 599 477
ROCK APARTMENT $100.00 16 (+260)953 775 534
PALM WOOD LODGE $95.00 5.5 (+260)966757954
FALLSWAY SUITES $85.00 4.6 (+260)974 599 477
BKS SELF SERVICE APARTMENTS 3 BEDROOM $75.00 12 (+260)961 269 343
TECLA HOTELS & LODGES $65.00 5 (+260) 978 153 499
CHRISMA HOTEL $62.00 6 077 9959121
CHAMINUKA LODGE $56.00 39 (+260)973 736 865
HOTEL AFRICANA $54.00 9.9 (+260)979 777500
THE CREST LODGE LIMITED $52.00 12 (+260)974986715
NOMADS COURT LODGE LIMITED $50.00 3.5 (+260)955958111
GARNET HOTELS LIMITED $47.00 4.7 (+260)964713817
BKS SELF SERVICE APARTMENTS 2 BEDROOM $45.00 12 (+260)961 269 343
NORTH MEAD COUNTRY LODGE $45.00 4.9 (+260)977844644
MIKA LODGE $43.00 3.3 (+260)
CHAMBA VALLEY EXOTIC HOTEL $42.00 6.6 (+260)978 749 943
FOUR PILLARS LODGE $42.00 3.3 (+260)972933235
MIKA HOTEL $40.00 8.1 (+260)978 956 315
MIKA HOTEL & CONVENTION CENTRE $40.00 13 (+260)976 124 453
CROSS ROADS $38.05 1.7 (+260) 953 980 000
WATER FALLS HOTEL LIMITED $38.00 17 (+260)978 991 900
MAPALO LODGE $35.00 3.5 (+260) 954 607695
COSMIC LODGE LIMITED $33.00 11 (+260)978922474
DREAM VALLEY LODGE $33.00 11 (+260)96 6881468
THE ROYAL SHALOM LODGE LTD $33.00 18 (+260)771016898
NDEKE HOTEL $31.00 6.3 (+260)211 251 734

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