Reach Digital Health: HealthTech Revolution: Bridging the Gap for Universal Health Coverage in Africa

An engaging and insightful moderated panel discussion focused on digital technologies’ transformative power in achieving universal health coverage (UHC) in Africa. The panel delves into the intersection of digital health infrastructure and equitable access to healthcare services, utilising existing interventions as case studies to illustrate practical approaches. Three key focus areas: -The role of digital […]

Africa CDC in collaboration with Robert Koch Institute: Strengthening Surveillance Systems for Non-Communicable Diseases, Injuries and Mental Health (NCDIMH) in Africa: the Africa CDC Continental Guidance Document on NCDIMH Surveillance Systems Strengthening

In April 2022, The Africa CDC strategy on Non-Communicable Diseases, Injuries and Mental Health (NCDIMH) (2022-26) was adopted. The strategy emphasizes on the need for strong and resilient surveillance systems for NCDIMH prevention and control. In collaboration with Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Africa CDC is developing a continental guidance document for MS on NCDIMH surveillance […]

Infectious Diseases Institute, Makerere University: Building Capacity Of National Public Health Institutes In Pandemic Preparedness Through Implementation Science Research

This side event is led by Infectious Diseases Institute-Makerere University, the Implementation Science partner for Saving Lives and Livelihoods program, an initiative by Africa CDC and Mastercard Foundation. The event aims to spotlight the role of implementation science research in advancing public health practices that enhance health security and build research capacity for African Union Member […]

McKinsey and Company: Expanding private sector participation in Africa’s health systems

Private sector financing in Africa can help countries meet their financial needs, by offering increased market access, choice, and accessibility. It also acts as a first mover in adopting and mainstreaming innovations into healthcare delivery. Furthermore, collaborations with the public sectors can bring significant operational and financial efficiencies, in addition to maintaining an equity perspective. […]

Science for Africa Foundation: Inaugural Africa Science Journalism Awards

Africa’s reporting of science including health pandemics and climate change is often affected by a lack of science journalism expertise, limited resources that allow increased coverage of key science topics, inaccuracy of science information leading to misinformation, language barriers, and cultural sensitivities. These challenges impede accurate and impactful journalism, often overshadowing the critical information needed […]