Zambia National Public Health Institute: #EndCholera Symposium: Advancing Strategies for Prevention and Control in Public Health

Zambia, with the Republican President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema as the Global Champion for Cholera Control, is uniquely placed to host conversations around best practices and accelerating progress toward cholera elimination. This side-event will be part of a broader campaign to increase the conversations around Cholera control in the region, particularly around developing homegrown solutions tailor-made […]

PANTHER Unleashed: Charting Africa’s Preparedness for Respiratory Pandemics

Amidst the looming risk of respiratory pandemics, PANTHER (PANdemic preparedness plaTform for Health and Emerging infections Response) emerges as a vital force. One year after its launch, PANTHER will propose an advanced strategy in preparation of a respiratory outbreak that is built on previous experiences. The session will dive deep into administrative and scientific strides […]

Africa CDC & WHO: Realising Emergency Preparedness and Response in Africa: Launch of the Strategic Plan to Strengthen Public Health Emergency Operation Centres and Discussions on the Joint Emergency Action Plan

The surge in disease outbreaks, with the African region experiencing at least 2-3 emergencies weekly, has tripled since 1980 and shows no signs of easing. These persistent threats pose a significant challenge to countries in the African and Eastern Mediterranean regions. This event presents a valuable opportunity to join forces with the Africa CDC and […]

Ministry of Health, Malawi: Reimagining Power and Accountability in Health Sector Strategic Planning and Implementation: Diverse “One Plan, One Budget” Experiences and Learnings in Africa

The “One Plan, One Budget, One Report” model of alignment of all stakeholder resources within a single government-led strategic plan and results framework has existed for over 15 years on the African continent. Fundamentally, it represents a major paradigm shift in power and accountability and has been operationalized in several countries with varying degrees of […]

VillageReach: Advancing UHC: Community Insights to Action

 Primary health care (PHC) systems that provide equitable access to promotive, preventive, and curative care are essential to achieving universal health coverage (UHC). However, up to 615 million people in Africa cannot access the health services they need. This session will explore practical approaches for building routine systems to integrate community insights to drive PHC […]

Chemonics International: Operationalizing Systems Thinking for Health: Expert partner convening workshop

Past and current efforts to strengthen health systems in Africa have focused on specific diseases or functions of the health system with varying degrees of success. While some approaches have improved specific health outcomes, overall health systems remain fragile, as the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed. Systems thinking involves mapping, measuring, and understanding health system dynamics […]