African Health Economics and Policy Association: Evaluating Policy, Legal and Governance Frameworks to Enhance African Research and Development Capacity: Feasibility of attaining the 60% Vaccine Manufacturing Goal in Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic further reinforced existing inequities and prompted re-emergence of debates on scaling-up research and development (R&D) capacity for vaccines in Africa. In contribution to efforts that address inequitable access to vaccines in Africa, AfHEA, Africa CDC and UNECA will organize a side event at the margins of CPHIA to disseminate findings of research […]

Global Institute for Disease Elimination: Paradigm Shift: Towards Sustainable  Access for NTD Health Technologies: Regional and Country Perspectives: Focus on Sustainable Procurement

In partnership with Uniting Efforts and DNDi, The Global Institute for Disease Elimination (GLIDE) will host a side event focused on sustainable procurement for NTD technologies, with a regional and country-specific lens. Given Africa’s disproportionate NTD burden, this initiative seeks to engage African countries, Africa CDC, and other stakeholders on the continent. The event will […]

African Population and Health Research Center: Reducing Inequalities in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in Cities in sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan African countries are grappling with unchecked urbanization driven by rural-to-urban migration, with nearly half of the population expected to be urban by 2030 and 3 in 5 by 2050. Rapid urban expansion, especially in capital cities, has led to the proliferation of slums, outpacing government planning efforts. Over half (54%) of urban dwellers in […]

IFPMA and H3D Foundation: Powerful, locally driven partnerships for health innovation in Africa: How H3D and its Foundation are breaking barriers in innovation

H3D Foundation and IFPMA will co-organize a session focused on how the Holistic Drug Discovery and Development Centre (H3D), based at the University of Cape Town, and its Foundation are breaking barriers in health innovation through powerful, locally driven partnerships.  From collaborations to accelerate African drug discovery and API manufacturing to those that build young […]

Planetary Health Alliance West Africa Regional Hub: Advancing Planetary Health in Africa within the context of Africa’s new public health order: Fostering Sustainability, Resilience, and Public Health

In line with the Africa CDC’s goal for a New Public Health Order, the proposed side event will address Planetary Health in Africa holistically. To ensure a sustainable future for the region, this interactive event will highlight the connections between public health, environmental health, one health, and human health. The event will also highlight effective […]