Africa CDC: Lessons and Action for a Trans Fat Free Africa

Artificial trans fat is a toxic chemical used in many processed foods. One of the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, trans fat causes heart attacks and deaths. Through evidence-based policies, countries can eliminate artificial trans fats from their food supplies, preventing heart attacks, saving lives, reducing health inequalities, and reducing pressure on health systems. […]

LifeLine International: Reversing Africa’s suicide toll: legislative reform, prevention strategies, and crisis lines – a comprehensive and integrated approach with a youth focus

With escalating suicide rates across the continent, especially among young people, LIfeLine International will draw on the work of our 8 African and global Members that daily conduct lifesaving crisis line services to discuss how crisis lines can build community resilience and engage young people most at risk. With a focus on the role of […]

PATH Zambia: Climate Change, Digital Health, and the future of Immunization Service Delivery in Africa

This side event gathers experts in climate change, public health, digital health, and health systems strengthening in an interactive session for shared learning and co-creation of actionable efforts around the following themes:  Climate change and unforeseen constraints: What pre-emptive measures can be adopted to fortify immunization infrastructure?  Climate change’s impact on socio-economic enablers/challenges for immunization […]