Outreach Network for Gene Drive Research: What can new genetic technologies do for public health in Africa? Transformative approaches to malaria elimination

The session will enable participants to increase their awareness and understanding of innovative research led by African institutions developing cutting-edge genetic approaches to vector borne diseases. It will also offer recommendations for actions by different stakeholders to increase the ability of African public health experts to leverage the potential of these novel tools.

Amref Health Africa: A Paradigm Change in Ebola: National and Regional Leadership to Prevent Diseases of Epidemic Potential

In 2023, Africa CDC ranked and prioritized epidemic-prone diseases of risk for the continent, observing Ebola with the highest potential for disease severity, risk and epidemic potential. Governments across the Ebola belt are rising to prioritize preparedness to prevent the loss of human capital, especially in the health system, prevent intra-community and cross-border spread and […]

GSK: Strengthening Africa’s R&D Capacity: Empowering the Next Generation of Research Leaders in Africa to Combat Infectious Diseases

A strong and innovative regional research community is required for the development and implementation of effective measures to meet Africa’s health challenges. This interactive session will bring together key stakeholders including researchers, funding agencies, and public health experts, to engage in a dynamic discourse exploring strategies to accelerate R&D capacity building initiatives across the continent. […]

Women in Global Health, Zambia: A new public health order for Africa: an opportunity to build gender responsive health systems on the continent

The New Public Health Order for Africa calls for strengthening public health institutions and the public health workforce. Women in Global Health (WGH) centres gender transformative approaches to challenge systemic gender inequalities that undervalue women’s contributions, experiences and expertise in leading health programs at various levels of healthcare. Our side event will discuss the vital […]

PATH: From pledges to protection: Accountability for commitments made on Immunization as a building block for UHC

This dialogue is in alignment to AU Agenda 2063 goals on promoting Action-Oriented and Respectful Partnership and increasing Domestic Investment in Health. It is an opportunity to sound the drum for African Heads of State, civil society organizations, international organizations, and experts to unite in support of strengthening health outcomes through fulfillment of financing related […]