Africa CDC (PAVM): A sustainable and coordinated approach to biopharmaceutical manufacturing talent development

Africa CDC PAVM has identified three main challenges that must be tackled to effectively develop the required vaccine manufacturing workforce, and these include inadequate appropriate training programmes, brain drain, and sustainable financing. In order to maximise the utilisation of resources, Africa CDC in collaboration with several partners are establishing a sustainable and coordinated approach. In […]

Future of Global Health Initiatives: The Future We Want to See

The FGHI process is a time-bound (through 2023) multi-stakeholder process of dialogue, deliberation and action to identify and enable options to ensure global health initiatives (GHIs) more effectively, efficiently and equitably complement domestic financing to maximize country-level health impacts, as part of country-led priority-setting process and trajectories toward universal health coverage (UHC). We will discuss […]

WHO (Health Development Partnership for Africa and the Carribean (HeDPAC)): Seeking Synergy for Health Development: Strengthening Collaboration Between Africa and the Caribbean Regions

This high-level Ministerial event will discuss health challenges faced by the African and Caribbean regions and exchange views about strengthening cross-regional health development through South-South Collaboration. By identifying opportunities to strengthen partnership between Africa and the Caribbean in the global health architecture, Ministers and Experts from the two regions will propose a road map towards […]

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH: Integration of Pandemic Prevention and Response Systems in the ECOWAS Region

Presentation of the functional integration of health systems to prevent and respond to pandemic threats in the continent, showcasing the existing communication, coordination, and operation networks in the ECOWAS region. The focus of the side event lies on the functional interaction among national NCIs, RCSDC and Africa CDC with presentations from representatives of these institutions. […]