Gavi CSO Constituency: Civil Society Dialogue Series: The Power and Potential of Civil Society in Building Resilient Health Systems

The Civil Society Dialogue Series, part of CPHIA 2023, spotlights civil society’s vital role in advancing immunisation initiatives, shaping policies, and securing a fully immunised future for Africa. The event aims to highlight CSOs’ achievements, address challenges, and forge a collaborative roadmap for future immunisation efforts. Key segments include a keynote address, panel discussions, interactive […]

Robert Koch-Institute & Africa CDC: Strengthening Early Warning and Disease Detection: Health Security Partnership in Africa (HSPA)

The epidemic intelligence (EI) and event-based surveillance (EBS) efforts of Africa CDC and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) under the Health Security Partnership to Strengthen Surveillance in Africa (HSPA) continue their established collaboration for early warning and disease detection. This side event unites pivotal organisations (Africa CDC, RKI, WHO) with HSPA partner Member States (Mali, […]

UNFPA: Catalysing Domestic investment in Health; Building Resilient Health systems through Innovative Financing and Strategic Partnerships

The side event under the theme; “Catalysing Domestic investment in Health; Building Resilient Health systems through Innovative Financing and Strategic Partnerships” is organised by the United Nations Populations Fund in collaboration with Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). The event provides a unique platform for leaders, researchers and policy makers across the African continent to share […]

Chemonics International: Operationalizing Systems Thinking for Health: Expert partner convening workshop

Past and current efforts to strengthen health systems in Africa have focused on specific diseases or functions of the health system with varying degrees of success. While some approaches have improved specific health outcomes, overall health systems remain fragile, as the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed. Systems thinking involves mapping, measuring, and understanding health system dynamics […]

Pandemic Action Network and WACI Health: Harnessing the power of networked advocacy to make Africa’s vision of the New Public Health Order a reality

The African Union demonstrated great leadership in driving the continent’s health agenda in the aftershock of COVID-19 by elevating the Africa CDC to an autonomous public health agency, giving it an even stronger mandate to drive its vision of a New Public Health Order for the continent. These and other initiatives, if translated into action, […]

Africa Health Business and Pfizer: Action oriented respectful partnerships for public health in Africa: Partnerships for access to medicines

To establish a new public health order in Africa, collaborative and action-oriented partnerships are essential across the entire healthcare ecosystem, involving researchers, manufacturers, policymakers, and healthcare professionals from government, NGOs, development partners, and the private sector. The proposed discussion session aims to unite stakeholders from multilateral organizations, philanthropies, private and public sectors, and civil society […]