Global Health Advocacy Incubator: Raising Community Voices for Health Security: How to strengthen epidemic preparedness through new advocacy tools and resources

The Global Health Advocacy Incubator will launch a new learning resource, the Budget Advocacy Tool for Epidemics Preparedness: Facilitator’s Curriculum, a step-by-step course for facilitators to teach epidemic preparedness advocacy techniques to government and civil society organization stakeholders. The curriculum is an extension of GHAI’s Budget Advocacy Toolkit for Epidemic Preparedness, which is based on successful advocacy in Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal. The event will provide actionable guidance for epidemic preparedness advocacy and participants will gain a deeper understanding of budget advocacy’s role in health security, learn effective approaches for health financing advocacy, and join a growing community of advocates engaged in strengthening health security.

Hosted by Global Health Advocacy Incubator

  • Date : November 30, 2023
  • Time : 07:00 - 09:00 (UTC+2)
  • Venue : Banquet Hall 1, Kenneth Kaunda Wing