O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law: Promoting Inclusion in Decision Making for Global Health Governance: Lessons from Africa’s New Public Health Order

The event will address equity in pandemic responses from the global, regional, national and community levels and the impact on health outcomes for the continent. Discussions will explore trends in decision-making for health emergencies, data collection, and reporting to determine the value of these processes and systems to individual Africans. A diverse range of experts will address the extent to which certain groups and communities are included or excluded in public health decision-making processes, responses and interventions. From these engagements, we hope to understand best practices for emergency response at all levels, that ensure equitable health outcomes for all.

Organized by O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law

Join here: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81511947633?pwd=KGYemngb6AVmVKd8a6mSiyD9IVk8ehQXSX0.IJgoEysbeW53IRlq

Passcode: CPHIA@2023

  • Date : November 29, 2023
  • Time : 07:00 - 09:00 (UTC+2)
  • Venue : Banquet Hall 2, Kenneth Kaunda Wing