Dr Souhail Alouini

Health Governance Expert. Pediatric surgeon, European Trauma Course Organisation (ETP)

Dr Souhail Alouini is the former chair of the Health and Social Affairs Committee in the Tunisian Parliament, the ‘Assembly of the Representatives of the People in Tunisia’. Medical Doctorate degree in 1982 at Brussels University and specialized in pediatric surgery in Belgium. While practicing medicine and teaching pediatric surgery since 1990 as pediatric surgeon in the Arab World, has engaged in societal work, as president and member of a number of scientific and social societies. He served his country as a Member of Parliament 2014-19 as chair of health committee . Dr Alouini values open governance, transparency and democracy values, and advocates for health and wellbeing through his taking part in a number of global and regional parliamentary forums. He is currently a member of the Regional Parliamentary Advisory Group and Chair of the Regional Parliamentary Forum on Health and Wellbeing in the Eastern Mediterranean. Since 2019 become expert in health and well-being with WHO EMRO and EPF for sexual and reproductive right. Participated as expert and lecturer in parliamentarians forum about the SRHR. Member of the governance committee of European resuscitation council.

All Sessions by Dr Souhail Alouini

11:00 - 12:30
Main Auditorium, Kenneth Kaunda Wing

Plenary: Track 7: Whole-of-society – the Power of Engaging Civil Society, the Private Sector and Local Philanthropy

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