Mr Adriaan Kruger

Co-Founder and CEO, NuvoteQ

Adriaan brings to the table over two decades of expertise in Enterprise Application Development and implementation, with a robust tenure of more than 10 years dedicated to Solution Design in Clinical Data Management and Drug Development digitization. His leadership encompasses a wealth of experience in steering both global and regional multinational projects and teams, showcasing his multifaceted capabilities.

Presently, Adriaan assumes the helm of a group of remarkably talented team members at, a software company he co-founded in 2014. Here, their mission revolves around empowering clients to lead the charge in digital transformation within their respective industries, with a primary focus on the life sciences sector. Their approach is marked by a blend of simplicity and innovation, fostering streamlined progress. He finds particular inspiration in the exceptional individuals driving these groundbreaking changes. Notably, his commitment extends to serving on the boards of several life science and MedTech enterprises, further solidifying his impact on these sectors.

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13:30 - 15:00
Banquet Hall 2, Kenneth Kaunda Wing

Parallel Session: Track 2A: Strengthening End to End Research, Development and Manufacturing Capacity and Capabilities

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