University of Global Health Equity (UGHE and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation): Addressing Universal Health Coverage in Africa: An Implementation Science Approach

In partnership with Gates Ventures and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) conducted implementation research case studies on the Exemplars in Global Health project to understand how and why Rwanda, Ethiopia, Senegal, Peru, Nepal, and Bangladesh had exceptional performance in reducing under-5 mortality. (U5M) through implementation of evidence-based interventions […]

Roche: Changing the face of Breast Cancer in Africa

In Africa, 1 in 2 women die five years after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. Improving standard of care through focused investments into the broader context of women’s health has the potential to improve survival to 80-90%; these life years saved have positive GDP effects, making breast cancer an important disease to be integrated into […]

GIZ: Integrated approaches to NTDs: Policy and Practice

More and more African countries are recording successes eliminating neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), but pressures on resources and the impacts of climate change make it critical to sustain efforts and continually improve solutions. “Integration” is critical for success but is a complex concept. Join our diverse expert panel presenting progress from African countries in planning […]

WHO AFRO: Putting Africa back on track to achieve the immunization agenda 2030

To date, routine immunization (RI) services provided through National EPI programmes in the African region have played a pivotal role in reducing deaths and illnesses from vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs). This event seeks to: Hosted by World Health Organization – Africa Regional Office (WHO AFRO) Join here: Passcode: CPHIA@2023

Africa CDC & WHO: Realising Emergency Preparedness and Response in Africa: Launch of the Strategic Plan to Strengthen Public Health Emergency Operation Centres and Discussions on the Joint Emergency Action Plan

The surge in disease outbreaks, with the African region experiencing at least 2-3 emergencies weekly, has tripled since 1980 and shows no signs of easing. These persistent threats pose a significant challenge to countries in the African and Eastern Mediterranean regions. This event presents a valuable opportunity to join forces with the Africa CDC and […]

Global Health Advocacy Incubator: Raising Community Voices for Health Security: How to strengthen epidemic preparedness through new advocacy tools and resources

The Global Health Advocacy Incubator will launch a new learning resource, the Budget Advocacy Tool for Epidemics Preparedness: Facilitator’s Curriculum, a step-by-step course for facilitators to teach epidemic preparedness advocacy techniques to government and civil society organization stakeholders. The curriculum is an extension of GHAI’s Budget Advocacy Toolkit for Epidemic Preparedness, which is based on […]