Africa CDC: COVID-19 Supply Chain Management Integration with Routine Immunization Supply Chain within Africa Union Member States

Join us at the International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA) 2023 for our side event, “COVID-19 Supply Chain Integration with Routine Immunization in Africa.” Explore successful integration strategies, discuss challenges, and discover innovative approaches for efficient supply chain management during health emergencies. Our event aims to strengthen public health systems, improve vaccine distribution, […]

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change: Strengthening Africa’s PHIs to leverage innovative partnerships towards the New Public Health Order for Africa and Global Health Security

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (TBI) has been working in partnership with key public health institutions (PHIs) to strengthen their institutional capacity, to support them to effectively deliver on their mandates. When PHIs are strengthened, moreover, they will be able to build and leverage innovative partnerships which can effectively position them in the […]

University of Global Health Equity: Global Health Conference Equity: The African Paradigm

Collaboration and dissemination of information through global public health conferences is essential to strengthen Africa’s public health institutions/workforce. At conferences, practitioners share best practices to expand diagnostics and therapeutics, and network for health security- equitable access to global health conferences is integral to strengthening key pillars of the new Public Health Order and essential for […]