World Health Organization: The Nexus of Climate Change, Health, and Environment in Africa: Integrating Community Engagement in All Environmental Health Interventions and Climate Adaptation Measures

Register here: Passcode: NEX@22NOV Through a round table of discussion, this side event will explore the complex relationship between environmental health and climate change, and the added value that could be drawn from mainstreaming community engagement. It is worth noting that, beside a well-structured and equipped health workforce, communities play a major role in […]

Health Service Management Centre Dubai, University of Birmingham: Breaking Barriers: Rebuilding health system leaders for MENA Region and Beyond

The session discusses the pressing need to review the role, nature, purpose of health systems and the health workforce in meeting universal healthcare coverage (UHC) and sustainable development goals (SDG). It will pay particular attention to questions regarding how we teach, train, and build capacities that are fit-for-purpose and fit-for-practice to lead health systems in […]

Science For Africa Foundation: Africa cannot outsource its global health security: Policy, AI, and data powering a harmonized clinical trial preparedness for Africa

The Science for Africa Foundation is hosting a virtual roundtable on pandemic preparedness in Africa focused on clinical trials, AI policy, and open data science.  The event aims to address the urgent need for a resilient clinical trial infrastructure in Africa, and to explore the potential of cutting-edge technologies like AI. The roundtable will also […]

Youth Health Africa: The role of Youth in Public Health: Program lessons and successes on the crucial role that young people can play in improving health outcomes

Youth Health Africa invites you to attend the Official CPHIA virtual side event titled: The role of youth in public health: Program lessons and successes on the crucial role that young people can play in Improving Health Outcomes. The role of youth in healthcare is multifaceted, encompassing advocacy, education, research, and direct participation in healthcare […]

Salient Advisory: Advancing Access to Essential Health Commodities through Online Pharmacy in Africa: Catalysing Regulatory Reform

About 160 online pharmacies across Africa are leveraging technology to digitize distribution of health products, enhancing accessibility for customers. Despite growing acceptance of this model, regulations that govern online distribution of medicines are largely nonexistent, raising public health concerns, which could hinder the scaling and impact of online pharmacies. This 90-minute webinar will feature findings […]

DSI Scientific Network: Empowering African researchers to leverage genomic tools: Digital sequence information capacity building for public health research

Novel genomic techniques are opening new opportunities for public health research in Africa. Cost reductions and technical advances have made it easier to decode and digitally archive DNA, making genomic data (DSI) available through large public databases. This is changing how research is done and enabling rapid collaborations in emergency situations. However, there are significant […]

Coalition of Blood For Africa (CoBA): Enhancing Africa’s health security: Blood as a cornerstone for pandemic preparedness.

The Coalition of Blood for Africa (COBA) virtual side event at CPHIA 2023 focuses on Enhancing Africa’s health security: Blood as a cornerstone for pandemic preparedness.The event underscores the vital role of a well-organized blood supply system in addressing health crises like emergencies, anaemia, and more. Key topics include private sector engagement in blood supply […]

Medtronic LABS: Building Pathways to Scale for Digitized Integrated Primary Care Through Cross-Sector Partnerships

As digitized, community-based interventions become more prominent across the region, they’ll each face the challenge of moving from a proof-of-concept to a scaled approach that is fully embedded and interoperable with the country’s existing health system. In the context of finite human and financial resources, how might cross-sector partnerships play a role in enabling successful […]

African Population and Health Research Center: INSPIRE Network: Harnessing the Power of Longitudinal Population Studies (LPSs)

Join us at our side event, hosted by APHRC, an Africa-based research institution dedicated to tackling crucial development challenges in sub-Saharan Africa. We’re proud to introduce the Implementation Network for Sharing Population Information from Research Entities (INSPIRE), a collaborative initiative aimed at enhancing data sharing, accessibility, and reproducibility. Explore with us how INSPIRE transforms Longitudinal […]