UNICEF: Using human-centred design to improve health service delivery experiences in the context of cholera outbreaks

The session will provide an interactive experience where participants will engage with human-centred design techniques to deepen understanding of the experiences, perspective and decision-making processes of a person with cholera symptoms. Participants will use design thinking to identify key bottlenecks to health seeking and develop prototypes that can be tested as part of preparedness and […]

Living Goods, Pathfinder International, Muso, and Village Reach: Gender Equity for a Stronger Health Workforce

Living Goods, Pathfinder International, Muso, and Village Reach will bring together key players to host the side event “Gender Equity for a Stronger Health Workforce”. Addressing inequities that undermine health systems and global health security is critical to ensuring that countries fulfil their UHC and Sustainable Development commitments. Women make up 70% of health workers […]

Women in Global Health Lusophone Community and Institute for Global Health and Development: Gender equality and women leadership in research in Lusophone countries

Register here: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85664183759?pwd=ZSmdzsyk-j3paakE_9bJQwKk1nsUtQ.7mIc6mBfoKbqC7-k  The Side Event on “Gender equality and women leadership in research in Lusophone countries” intends to bridge the Lusophone publication gender gap, by sparking a critical, facts-based, and analytical debate on and propose solutions for the dire situation of women’s participation in and leadership of global health research in Africa. Organized, co-chaired […]

PATH: Optimizing Existing Health Tools and Platforms to Deliver Nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development through the Health Sector—Experiences from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Mozambique

Register here https://path.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_S7aZt1fwScOUfBhvc21wRA In Africa, systems-strengthening approaches have been used to promote nurturing care for early childhood development through the health system in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Siaya County (Kenya), and Maputo Province (Mozambique), where all government health facilities and community health workers are providing developmental monitoring and counseling as an integral component of primary health […]

WHO: The Nexus of Climate Change, Health, and Environment in Africa: Integrating community engagement in all environmental health interventions and climate adaptation measures

Through a round table of discussion, this side event will explore the complex relationship between environmental health and climate change, and the added value that could be drawn from mainstreaming community engagement. It is worth noting that, beside a well-structured and equipped health workforce, communities play a major role in shaping the most effective solutions […]

UNICEF: Enhancing Experience of Care and Building trust through Inter-Personal Communications (IPC)

Register here: https://unicef.zoom.us/j/92609118979  Password: 391075 Interpersonal Communication (IPC) for health is essential for public health institutions and the workforce. Based on a new global resource – Integrated IPC Package – during this interactive session, participants will learn: • Why IPC matters in Africa: a closer look at the evidence on the importance of client-provider relations […]