O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law: Promoting Inclusion in Decision Making for Global Health Governance: Lessons from Africa’s New Public Health Order

The event will address equity in pandemic responses from the global, regional, national and community levels and the impact on health outcomes for the continent. Discussions will explore trends in decision-making for health emergencies, data collection, and reporting to determine the value of these processes and systems to individual Africans. A diverse range of experts […]

Africa CDC/JICA: Pathways for strengthening laboratory workforce in Africa: lessons learned and the way forward

COVID-19 ignited the necessity of laboratory system development. There is significant advancement including establishment of pathogen genomics surveillance networks and implementation of quality management system. To expand these initiatives, emphasis is given to laboratory workforce development. With a special focus on the capacity building of laboratory workforce, Africa CDC and Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA) co-organize […]

UN Development Programme: NCDs as a governance issue : multi-sectoral approaches and integrated primary health care

This side event co-hosted by the ACDC, UNDP, WHO and WDF will explore the importance of health governance, examining key aspects of legal frameworks; sustainable financing; multi-sectoral strategy, planning and coordination; and whole-of-government and society action. Further, the side event will investigate the enablers and barrier towards institutionalizing integrated primary health care as part of […]

Nigeria Health Watch: Media Advocacy for Epidemic Preparedness and Response Funding

The media plays a key role in the dissemination of public health information, and its power can be harnessed for public health advocacy. As part of a consortium of Civil Society Organisations (CSO) implementing the Prevent Epidemics project in Nigeria, Nigeria Health Watch successfully implemented a media campaign targeted at increasing public and policymaker awareness […]

World Health Organization: Evidence and lessons from the Malaria Vaccine Implementation Programme, and next steps for malaria vaccines in Africa

Rollout of the first malaria vaccine, RTS,S/AS01, in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi through the landmark Malaria Vaccine Implementation Programme (MVIP) to nearly 2 million children since 2019 has resulted in substantial reduction in severe illness and child deaths. This side event will present full MVIP results after 46 months of vaccination, countries’ reflections on lessons […]